Before And After

While I was waiting for Tumblr to upload my last Tera images on my personal blog, I had an idea. I want to see your first character selection screen, and your most recent. Or the first time you took a screenshot, and one of that same character in that same spot with what you have or know now. Or even a re-edit of an old screenie, since I know a lot of Tera’s players are super creative c: I want to see these! Pretty please <3


The proud High Elves of Allemantheia, known for their grace and elegance.

(fooling about in character creation…)


May the gods of the internet forgive me, for I know not what I do. :<



my submission for the Tera NA loading screen contest.

this was originally for some guildies who wanted winter wear but it turned into a contest submission ;-;


i’m so fckng love lancers.. and love CS..
I can troll tanks all time.


Posted with permission! This lovely image is made by 黒甲 on Pixiv! See the original upload here.

baby we livin in the moment,
'ive been a menace for the longest
but i ain’t finished, I’m devoted
and you know it. ()


ahhhh my progress soo farrr, this is taking me longer than expecteddd

butt yes Tera Rising ruined my life because of a certain someone *cough* .___>


30 Day TERA Challenge

Day 8 : What is your armour?

I’ll talk about Civi, or else this’ll be REALLY long. Civility currently hates her armour. It’s a huge clusterfuck of gear and it doesn’t look good together. She has the +12 Swift Scepter (Club of Jacks), +12 Hexsight Robe, +12 Strikeforce Boots, and +11 Gimblefingers (WHHM), as well as full Zenith Jewelry.

I’m currently working on Civi’s Nightforge PvE chest and weapon, as well as her Nighforge PvP gloves. The progress is very slow ._.



omg reposting because i uploaded the wrong file but suPER LATE B DAY PRESENT FOR MY FRIENDO KIRIE OF OUR TERA ARCHERS * v *